Thursday, May 30, 2013

Avery’s Hand & Footprints

On April 23rd  {yes I’m over a month behind in blogging!} Avery and I went down to a local pottery shop, From Miry Clay Pottery, to get his hand & footprints put on a plate, a gift from my Mom & Step Dad. We did this same thing when Adelyn was a baby.
Their daughter Aubrey LOVED Avery! Such a little Mommy! I love this picture and how sweet she is looking at him!
We have to do the “Super Baby” pose to get his hand prints. Needless to say, Avery was not impressed with this pose!
And he wasn’t much happier when we did his footprints either! But he quickly calmed down when we were done…
…and now I forever have his little hands & feet on a plate! Can’t wait to see the finished product.
Afterwards Avery & I went to my Mom’s house to work on a picture project. A nice mother/daughter bonding time!

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  1. Tha's such a neat gift that your parents gave you!


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