Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Avery: 2 Months

Dear Avery,
May 7th you turned 2 months! I’m pretty sure your second month went by even faster than your first. You need to slow down little boy! You had lots of changes this month and continue to overwhelm our hearts with love & joy!
You have made a change for the better in the nursing department and Mommy is very thankful for that! You rarely cry while nursing anymore. You are still nursing about every 2-3 hours during the day. And when its time to burp you get those gas bubbles out much quicker and don’t seem in as much pain as you were during your 1st month. While you are burping easier, you are still a “spitting up champ”! Your burp rag is never far! And if it is your big sister will bring it to us!
You have also improved in the sleep department. 99% of the time you only get up once per night. We start bed time with a bath around 7:30pm. This month we started giving you a 5oz bottle at bedtime to make sure you’re getting enough and then swaddle & put you down for bed. Since starting the bottle, you have been sleeping 8pm-3:30/4am! You even had one night where you went 9 hours! Mommy is so proud that we’re making progress in the sleep department! Let’s keep moving in that direction sweet boy!
You had your first real smile this month. Officially I would say it was on April 9th, just a few days after your 1 month mark. Grandma Cindy was watching you while Mommy got her haircut. When Mommy got home Grandma asked me if you were smiling and I said just full tummy or gas smiles, but Grandma wasn’t so sure! And Grandma was right! Ever since then you have been quite the smiley little boy. And that smile just melts Mommy’s heart! You even had 2 “full on” giggles this month! One was when we were just sitting in the recliner & was talking to you. Another time was when we were at a friend’s house. I was holding you telling our friend a story & mid way you just let out the sweetest giggle! You are really starting to coo as well! Just love all your noises!
You haven’t had any diaper rash since it cleared up during your 1st month, thank goodness! You are still the tooting champ though! And boy those toots are not too fresh! You still aren’t very “regular” though. I would estimate you usually go #2 every 2-3 days, but doctor says that’s completely fine.
Your wake time is starting to increase. You are usually up for about 1 ½ hours in the morning and then take an 1-1 ½ hour nap in your crib. You will take another good nap after your mid-morning feeding and then your afternoon naps are touch & go. Sometimes we’re running errands and you sleep pretty well in your carseat. Sometimes you’ll nap on Mommy’s chest or in the swing or on your tummy on the couch {while Mommy is supervising, of course!} in the afternoon.
Like I said earlier you are napping in your swing. You didn’t like it much during your first month of life, but you have really grown to like it this month! You also really like your play mat. It’s so cute to watch you coo, kick, & play while you’re on it. You also really like the moby wrap! I will wear it while getting supper ready or try it if you’re fussy and won’t nap. You usually end up falling asleep in it!
You discovered your tongue this month! Its so funny to watch you play with it, stick it out, & wiggle it all around! And you still aren’t a fan of tummy time, but we try to do a little each day, hoping soon you won’t hate it so much!
You have LOVED bath time this month. We started doing bath every night and you love it! Sometimes big sister even joins in! You used to scream when we took you out of the tub. I started putting your towel in the bouncy seat & putting you in your seat all wrapped up in your towel while I clean up the tub and you are completely content!
We have continued to be on the go this month! Mainly running errands around town or picking big sister up from daycare. We even had a few baby showers for you this month, one at Auntie M’s & one at Mommy & Daddy’s work. You had your first trip to Des Moines this month. You went with Mommy & Daddy (and a lot of our other family members) to a Dave Ramsey event. You didn’t want to fall asleep, but once I got you to sleep you did great! You also had your first trip to Ames. We had a quick family trip to Sam’s Club one Saturday morning. On both the Des Moines & Ames trips we had a public restroom nursing session! You didn’t seem to mind though! Overall you do pretty well while we are out & about.
You are still wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. I think we might have a few more weeks in 0-3 mo clothes, but I got out your 3-6 mo clothes this month, so we’re ready for the switch over!
My sweet baby Avery, I have loved watching you change & grow this month! Your Daddy, big sister, and Mommy all love you very much!
Love, Mommy

weight 13lbs 1oz (at 2 month appt – 5.10.13)
length 24 in (at 2 month appt – 5.10.13)
eating 100% breastfeeding
clothes 0-3 months
diapers size 1
Look how you’ve changed this month!

Adelyn at 2 months & Avery at 2 months!

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