Friday, April 26, 2013

Adelyn Lately

I just wanted to give a few updates on our “big sister” from the past few weeks!
To say she has transitioned into the big sister role is an understatement. Its almost as if she hasn’t missed a beat! She loves her baby brother, takes him his blankie, burp rag, or talks to him when he cries. I’m almost scared to type this, but she hasn’t shown any jealousy towards him at all! I’m so proud of our sweet girl!
Of course its not all peaches & cream! She’s an average toddler who wants to do everything herself and has her share of fits. She’s stretched my patience and my heart at the same time these days!
The girl LOVES chapstick. We always caught her stealing it off our night stand or trying to crawl up to get it off the table. I decided to get one of her own to have in her Easter basket and she loves it! We’re still working on the “don’t eat it” part! ha!
A few weekends ago Adelyn started showing interest in wearing our shoes. In the past she would say “mommy’s shoes” and bring them to me. Now she’s decided she wants to wear them! Silly girl!
I wasn’t quick enough with the camera. Just before I took this picture Adelyn rushed to Avery’s side when he was crying, started patting his back, and said {in her sweet little voice} “it ok avery”! be still my heart! love my littles so much!
After church on Sunday while Avery was napping we watched Bee Movie with Adelyn. She insisted on sitting in her own chair, rather than snuggling with Mommy or Daddy. A little into the movie I said something to Kyle that Adelyn must be asleep ‘cause she wasn’t wiggling around or making any noises. Come to find out, Mama was right! We sure did get a good laugh at this moment!

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