Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday was our first Sunday at church with Avery! Kyle had to usher at church, which means he has to be there at 8am, so we took pictures after service!


Avery did great at church and slept through the whole service! When we got home we did Easter baskets. Look at Adelyn’s excitement! Love that face!


She was pretty excited to go through her basket! I had fun filling her basket. I didn’t want to go overboard because really the girl doesn’t need a thing! I went practical and got her a few things like some more forks, plates, hair clips, and then some fun things too!


I thought she’d go for the chap stick first (she LOVES to play with Mommy’s!), but nope first thing she pulled out (from the back of the basket) was the forks! Silly girl!


And Avery got a few things in his basket too! But he wasn’t too interested! Ha!


Love my two babies SO much, especially all dressed up! So blessed!


Once again I went practical for their outfits for Easter. Adelyn’s dress was a find from Aunt Mel (thank you!). We just had to get her some shoes, the girl’s feet have been growing like crazy and she didn’t have any white dress shoes that fit. Avery’s Baby Gap outfit was only $5 for all three pieces on a local buy/sell facebook group, it didn’t even look worn! Score!

We decided to go to Kyle’s Aunt & Uncle’s house for Easter dinner. This was Avery’s first road trip (it’s about an hour away). He did well on the way there, but fussed on the way home.

We had a great weekend celebrating our risen Savior. We celebrated Easter with my family the following weekend. Another post to come!


  1. They look so cute! I love how she has her arm around him. Hudson will not do that! haha!

  2. Great pictures!! I love that Avery's outfit was only $5!! That is my kind of shopping!!


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