Friday, April 5, 2013

Avery: 2 weeks

I’m still catching up {I have a feeling this how I it will always be with 2 kiddos now!} Last I left off was Avery’s 1 week post.

Avery’s 2nd week of life was rough on Kyle & I. We both got nasty head colds. Thankfully Avery transitioned into some sort of schedule during that week too! He started to go to bed around 8pm and sleeps till midnight/1am and then will be up at around 4-5am. So only up about 2 times/night.

Kyle also only had to work 2 days this week. It was spring break at the college where we work! The timing worked out great with Avery’s arrival! We loved having Daddy home! Adelyn still loves to hold her baby brother. Anytime she holds him, she looks up at us and says “cheese”, she knows it’s a kodak moment, sweet girl!


On Tuesday, March 19th Avery’s umbilical cord fell off!


On Wednesday March 20th we had Avery’s 2 week appointment. I had some questions for the Doctor since Avery spits up so much and cries through some feedings, I wasn’t sure if he was getting enough. Well he weighed in at 10lbs, 9oz, almost 1lb above his birth weight! Usually by two weeks they just hope babies are to their birth weight! Needless to say, he’s a healthy growing boy {and my question for the doctor was quickly answered!}.


On Thursday March 21st our friends and neighbors, Mike & Mindy stopped over to meet Avery! Thursday evening was my first time with both kiddos by myself. Kyle had a meeting that evening for work. I felt quite successful! I made supper for Adelyn & I. Avery did wake up to eat while we were eating, but I was able to feed him while Adelyn finished her supper. Then we got ready for bed, all before Daddy got home!


And we had a few more visitors that week too. My friend Sarah, and her little guy, Zane, stopped over on Friday. Zane & Adelyn are only 7 week apart, so they had a fun little play date and us Mom’s had a good time catching up!


Friday afternoon/evening we also had lots of visitors. We hosted a birthday party for my Grampo, but I’ll do a separate post about that.

Saturday my good friend, Sara, and her little girl Emma stopped over to meet Avery. Emma just turned 4 and she is the oldest of 3 girls! Sara is a wonderful Mommy and such a supportive friend!


More updates to come! And in case you missed them, make sure to scroll down to see Avery’s newborn pictures!


  1. Oh my goodness. He is SO cute! I love that picture of him sitting in your lap (or your husband's lap) at the doctor. So cute!!


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