Sunday, May 31, 2009

Iowa Barnstormers vs. Peoria Pirates

After the 5K race on Saturday we stopped at Kristin & Ryan’s (Kyle’s cousin) apartment (Thanks again guys!!) to freshen up and then met up with Mom and Dad B to go suit shopping for the guys. Which was very successful!! They are both going to look SHARP for Mel’s (Kyle’s sister) wedding!!

We grabbed some supper at one of our favorite restaurants…Cheddars!! And of course had a Cookie Monster to celebrate our accomplishment at the race! :)

Then we headed back to downtown Des Moines for a home Barnstormer game. We bought season tickets this year. We are on the 15 yard line, 5 rows up!! This was the 4th home game of the season and there are 4 remaining.

Barnstormers won 77-40!! It was a fun game and Mom & Dad B were able to join us for the 2nd half because there were open seats next to us!! They usually sit up a lot higher in the corner of the arena.DSC02767 

Barnstormer Billy in “Barn Force One”!!

DSC02768 DSC02769

Kyle’s cousin Tim Dodge plays wide receiver for the Barnstormers. It makes it so much more fun when you know someone playing.

Here’s Tim setting the ref’s straight!! lolDSC02778 

Waiting for the kickoffDSC02780 

Mom B and I enjoying the 2nd half of the game together!DSC02782   

An action shot!DSC02786

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