Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday Kyle!


Tuesday the 26th Kyle turned 25!! It’s hard to believe we’ll both be in our mid-twenties this year!! We’re getting OLD!! :)

Kyle had meetings in Des Moines in the morning and I surprised him when he got home and took the afternoon off work!

Kyle wanted a quiet evening “in” just the two of us! And I loved that idea! We rented the movie “Taken” and got Kyle’s favorite, Caseys canadian bacon pizza…and splurge since we’ve been trying to eat healthy!

DSC02740 DSC02741 DSC02742


Of course we had to have a birthday cake!! The first picture Kyle laughed about something and blew out some of the candles…what a “bummed” face!! But he still needed to blow out the rest!

DSC02733 DSC02734
DSC02735 DSC02736

Another favorite of Kyle’s is chocolate covered strawberries. So when I got home from work I dipped up a bunch!!! Mmmm, they were so good!! :)



 We have both been training to run the Dam to Dam 5K on Saturday May 30th and so we knew we didn’t want to eat this WHOLE cake!! So throughout the rest of the week we had friends, neighbors, and family help us eat it…thanks everyone!! :) Even though our cake is gone you can still stop over!! ;)


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