Monday, October 27, 2008


I was supposed to go shopping this past weekend with some of the girls from work. Unfortunately I came down with a nasty sore throat and decided it would be best for me to stay home and get better. So that is what I did and I'm very glad, I feel much better today! Since I was supposed to be gone, Kyle was planning a guys night on Saturday night so I just joined them! It was fun, a few guys that Kyle works came over, along with his brother, and our neighbor Chad. We grilled out and then the guys watched the Penn State vs Ohio State game on one TV and then on the other TV they set up the xbox and played some games! Overall I think it was a fun night! (sorry didn't take a pics that night)

We had a nice relaxing Sunday. Went to church and then out for lunch with our friend's, Mark, Kathy, and their son, Adam. It's always good to hang out with them!

During lunch I got a call from our neighbor, Chad (who works for Mid American) and he was on call working all day (lots of wind was VERY, VERY windy) and asked if we would keep an eye on his dog, Jaxs who is a 7 month old Boxer. So we brought him over to our place for the day. He is about 32 lbs, so quite a bit bigger than Abby! They don't play very well together yet, but I think slowly they're getting used to each other! Abby is very defensive, anytime Jaxs gets too close she yelps and knips at him and I think he is just trying to sniff her, so hopefully she'll chill out a little bit as time goes on!

Kyle playing with Jaxs. I think Kyle likes that he can play rougher with Jaxs compared to Abby.
Abby kept her safe distance from Jaxs when he was on his chain. I know it's hard to see 'cause of the shadows, but you can see that Jaxs is down and ready to play (i'm not so sure about Abby though!)! He's so playful!

I just love his cute!
Here Abby thinks that the fire pit will save her from Jaxs...what a little "scaredy cat"!
After being outside in the wind long enough we decided to come in and relax. And Jaxs decided he liked this chair!
This is about the closest they were all day/night and it probably helps that Jaxs was sound asleep! He acutally snores, it cracks me up!!

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