Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bangert Family Fun

Laura (Kyle's sister) is home this week for fall break from college in Omaha. So we decided we needed to hang out before the week got away from us! Our plans were to have some supper and maybe play some games....but plans change! In my next post you'll see what we did! But for supper we made some "Bangert family favorite" foods.....Pizza Treats & Twix Bars! The pizza treats turned out great, but for some reason we didn't quite get the twix bars right! The middle part that is supposed to be the gooey "carmel" was ROCK hard!! Maybe we'll try again tonight! We called Mom Bangert and she said we probably cooked the sugar mixture too long & too hot, so we'll remember that for next time!

Luara stirring our "carmel" part of the twix bars...this is the part that turned into ROCKS!! Opps!
I didn't think it looked very appetizing....resembled something also known as #2!
Layering the twix bars

Pizza Treats! Yummy! (half eaten!)

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