Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday Night

So "hump day" (middle of the week) is about over and it's almost Friday, thank goodness!! For some reason, I'm always looking forward to the weekends!!

We decided it was finally time to give Abby a bath, she was getting a little stinky! Bath time with her is always interesting! Sometimes she's really good and sits there and lets me scrub her and doesn't mind the water at all, but for some reason last night she didn't want a bath. I think it had something to do with Kyle, before we started he was playing with her and got her all "riled" up so she wasn't very interested in sitting in the tub for me!

Abby begging to plese let her out of the tub!!

When I get her out of the tub, I put a towel down and then she just goes nuts rubbing her face/head against it. I heard once that they don't like water in their ears so that's how they try to get it out!

Abby after drying out her ears!

And then once she calms down I get out the hairdryer and start to dry her off. She's not too fond of this part either. Since her hair isn't very long right now it doesn't take too long.

And here's the "finished product"! All clean, smelling nice, and fluffed up!!
And she thought she was getting a treat from Kyle here in this picture, but he was just teasing her. She always "dances" in a circle on her hind legs for treats. (just so you know though, she did get a couple treats for being a good girl during her bath!)
After Abby's bath, Kyle & I made supper. We had some smoked chops in the fridge we wanted to grill, but it was too windy to use our big grill on the patio so we used the small one that we take when we're tailgating and used it in the garage. It worked out pretty well and now our garage smells good too! My friend Michelle and her baby, Graeme, stopped over to pick up a few crafting things for her Stampin' Up party next week. It was good to see them and catch up. Graeme has grown so much since I'd seen him last. He's almost 3 months now and a very happy baby! So, of course, I had to get a few pictures before they left!

Almost a smile!! I think it looks like he is doing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"!

And then he got mad!

And then once he got his hat on & his binki he was a happy boy again! Such a cutie!

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