Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Garage Update!

So since we got the garage all organized and cleaned out we had a great idea to paint it "hawkeye gold" and then somehow paint a hawkeye on it! So we brainstormed and came up with the idea of using an overhead projector, tracing the image, and then painting it! So instead of playing games when Laura came over, the three of us painted the garage! We had a good time and the result is AWESOME!!

A "before" picture. The part that is white on the wall is where the previous owners had some shelving and we didn't really like or use the shelving, so we tore it down and it left those paint lines. So it's nice that we can finally cover it up!

Kyle taping off the doorway.

Laura working on taking a few things down off the wall. (Another weird bracket thing left by the previous owners that we hadn't done anything with)

Our "Hawkeye Gold" color for the wall! I went to Sherwin Williams and took one of our gold car flags for them to match the color. When I walked in the guy at the counter must have seen the flag and asked if I needed "Hawkeye Gold" and of course that's what we needed. So he got to work matching it up and when I went back to pick it up, this is what he came up with. I have to say that I was pretty happy with the color. While Kyle and I were looking at paint chips we didn't want sunshine yellow or an "organey" I was a little nervous to see how it would turn out. But I thought this was perfect!

Kyle & Laura getting the gold on the wall! (By the way...thanks for all your help Laura! Definitely made the project go faster with three people!)

The finished "hawkeye gold" wall! I think we need to paint the door now! Black or gold...what do you think?

And then once the wall was dry we projected the hawkeye onto to the wall to trace!

Me measuring to make sure it was "centered". And then we decided we didn't want it centered!

Laura starting to trace the hawkeye on the wall! She's such an artist! (no really, she is!!)

Kyle had an idea to tape off our tracing lines so that we would have crisper lines! It took a little more time, but it was a GREAT idea! And made it easier to paint too!

Kyle & me working the hawkeye

Done with the first coat....waiting for the 2nd!
Since we have a TV in the garage sometimes Kyle gets a little "distracted". But that's ok! The debate was on last that was important to watch! Laura and I actually watched some of it with Kyle in between coats of paint!
We also painted the electrical box...that way it went along with our black & gold theme!

And since the outlets just happened to be right where we wanted to paint the hawkeye we had to paint them too! Sisters!
And now done with the 2nd coat of black. Just waiting for it to dry!! Kyle wanted to take the tape off right away to see the finished product, but I convinced him it would be best to wait till morning!
And here is the finished product...just took this picture this morning! Kyle took the tape off before he went to work! I think it looks great!
Another view! So once again....I think we need to paint the door....what do you think: black or gold? Let us know!
Hope everyone has a good Thursday! I'm just glad 'cause it's one more day closer to the weekend! We have a home game this weekend against Wisconsin...hopefully it'll be a win for the Hawks!

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