Friday, October 10, 2008


Our garage is finally organized and clutter free (and restaurant equipment free too)! We have spent a few nights after work organizing and cleaning so we can FINALLY park in the garage again! And I have to say I am pretty excited about it. At first I thought it was a "guys" project, but now when I need something I know right where to go rather than looking 20 different places!! One "splurge" we made was having Mediacom come out and run cable out to the garage so we could have a TV out there. And obviously as you can see in the pictures, it was a success! Kyle is pumped!!

A view of the entire garage - we still need to paint
A close up of the TV - we used a wall mount TV stand from the house that we weren't using...worked out perfect! (not sure why the TV screen looks so funny)
Kyle hung an old furnance fan (blower...not really sure what it is), but our neighbor has one in his garage and it works great in the summer to keep it cooler and keep the bugs out too.

We hung a shelf (far right in the picture) - right now it has left over trim for the house (we still need to put up) but it will be another great storage space!

A few other things we did is put in a new door knob on the walk door because we never locked our garage before 'cause we weren't given keys to it when we bought our house. So now we can lock the garage and keep our organized stuff & TV safe! We also went to Overhead Door and got a new garage door opener. We have the "old school" ones and wanted to have a third one to keep in the house to have another way to get in the garage and not have to use the key to unlock the door. We also got this little hide-a-key box that locks so we can have a hidden key outside and its a little more secure than the all original "under the rug" or "under the flowerpot"! It was overall an productive afternoon!

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