Monday, October 20, 2008

Iowa vs. Wisconsin

The Hawkeyes are back. So is the Heartland Trophy.

The University of Iowa used a record-breaking performance to defeat Wisconsin 38-16 on Saturday afternoon in front of a 35th consecutive football Kinnick Stadium sellout.

Our friends, Mark & Kathy, came with us to the game. They planned to "scalp" tickets instead of buying them prior to that day. When we got there we walked around and checked our what people were asking and they decided to wait and thought maybe closer to game time the tickets might get cheaper. So we went back and set up our tailgate area. We talked, grilled our food, played some bago, and just had a good time. Then Mark went out to look for tickets again and he ended up finding tickets that were SUPER close to us, about 10 rows up and 10 seats away! We thought that was pretty cool considering he bought them that day and it wasn't planned!! We cleaned up our tailgate area and headed to the game. It was an AWESOME game! The Hawks played great and got another win! Iowa is now 5-3 overall, 2-2 in the Big Ten.

Mark & Kyle grilling
"Here Come The Hawkeyes" - They walk down the tunnel to "Back in Black" by AC/DC and it always gets us pumped up for the game! Kyle loves that song, his sister burnt it for him & its his ring tone, along with the Iowa fight song!!
Iowa Hawkeyes!!
Every game they have this little video with a billboard that says who we play, with the date and game time and then the Hawkeye semi drives by it and then another sign that says "The Badgers (or whatever team we're playing) stand in our way" and at the end it blasts through their logo!! It's pretty cool!
Touchdown! I think I cut out the guy who scored...sorry!
Kicking the field goal
Hawkeye Huddle Another touchdown by Shonn Greene!The Hawks celebrating with Shonn!
It was "Be Bold, Wear Gold" Saturday. Can you tell?There were a couple of "Badgers" in front of us!
A picture of us in our Hawkeye gear, with the Explorer all decked out!This was Kyle when we got home. He was all excited to watch the Texas vs. Missouri game and he didn't quite make it to game time! It's quite a long day when we leave in the morning and then also come home that night! And finally, a picture with my favorite "hawkeye"!!
It's a bye weekend next week for the Hawkeyes and then they head to Illinois. Right now we are seriously contemplating getting tickets! It should be another win for the Hawkeys!

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  1. Hi Darci! I'm glad you update this often, b/c it's neat to see all you and Kyle to!


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