Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iowa vs. Maine

Saturday was the first home Hawkeye football game. We got up early and headed down. We hoped to get there a little sooner to get some tailgating in, but that didn't happen! We still got there in plenty of time to walk around and check everything out before the game. Our seats are pretty good. Right around the 15-20 yard line. About 35 rows up. Kyle says he would like to be closer, but then we would have to stand the entire game and I wouldn't really want to do that. We'll see next year! It was a great game, we won 46-3!! Nice way to start the season. And it was a really nice day outside too. We actually got a little burnt!! I went to take a picture of us and someone leaned over and said they would take it for us...turns out it was some friends of ours from Fort Dodge...Steve & Jan Piercy! They were just 4 seats over!! So we talked to them for a while afterwards and then got on the road so we would have some time to rest up when we got home. We both had to work on Sunday and knew it would be a long day. Can't wait for next week!! Go Hawks!!

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