Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ashley Came to Visit!

My cousin Ashley from Wisconsin came to visit for a long weekend. I hadn't seen her in about three years, so it was good to catch up. She came on Thursday and stayed with Mom since I had to work. Mom had supper for us on Thursday night and it was ssoo good!! Smoked chops and everything that goes with em!! Then we had a fire and smores!! Friday I had to work as well so Ashley hung out with Mom again and they came to visit me at my office and we went out for lunch at Lomitas (one of my favorite restaurants!). Ashley stayed with Kyle and I on Friday night and we stayed up late just "chatting"! Saturday Kyle had to work and so Ashley and I went to Don & Sherawn's to go swimming. Of course Abby had to come too! Then we went back to our house for some sweet corn for lunch. When Kyle got off work we went out to eat for supper with Mom & Duane for chinese. Saturday night we went over to our neighbor's house and hung out. Ashley had to get up early to get on the road so we made a big breakfast at home and she was on her way. I'm glad she was able to come visit!!

Ashley & I haning out by the fire on Thursday night at Mom & Duane's
Ashley & I at my office after we went out for lunch
Ashley & Mom
Ashley & her oh so yummy desert she made for Friday night supper!!
She wanted to eat it all!! :)

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