Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Avery’s Birth: Visitors

In case you missed it, click here to read Avery’s Birth Story. This post is a continuation of our time in the hospital.

After I nursed Avery Thursday night/Friday AM they took him to the nursery for the rest of the night so we could get a few hours of sleep. We knew the next day would be filed with family & friends who would want to meet our sweet boy! They brought him in once in the night to nurse. Friday morning I was antsy to see my little boy. It was after 7am and they still hadn’t brought him in, so we ventured down to the nursery to visit our little man. He was wide awake and completely content! They wanted to check his bilirubin levels because they thought he looked a little yellow.


We had to get a few pictures with our little guy! They kept him in the nursery for about another hour and then brought him down to our room for his next feeding.


Not long afterwards my Mom and Adelyn came up to meet Avery. To read about Avery meeting his big sister you may click here. After our time as a family Grandma Cindy got her chance to “officially” meet Avery. And, of course, he was greeted by his Grandma with tears! So sweet!


Love my Mama!


We had a low key morning, just the 5 of us hanging out. Adelyn kept busy with her big sister gift and we had more bonding time with Avery! {btw…love this picture that my Mom captured of my boys!}



My Step Dad came up around the noon hour to meet his newest grandson as well. Soon after Grandpa & Grandma took Adelyn back to our house so she could get in a good nap.


Early afternoon Kyle’s Mom, Grandma Sharon, and his Grandma stopped up to meet Avery!


This is Grandma’s 7th great grandchild {if I counted right!} and she has 2 more on the way this year!


Auntie M {my sister} & Uncle P stopped by in the afternoon as well. They had a big weekend ahead of them and had to squeeze in a quick visit before they left town. 


Our children’s pastor from church, Pastor Doug, stopped by as well!


Later in the afternoon a few girls from work stopped by, Linsey, Lori, and Nicole.


My Dad, Grandpa Steve, stopped by as well!


Our good friends and Avery’s “adopted” Auntie & Uncle, Mark & Kathy stopped up to wish us well.


And they brought food! Kyle was a happy camper!


My Grandma stopped by later in the evening to meet her 8th great grandchild!


My two sisters and Hayden drove from Omaha that afternoon/evening to come & see us! I was so happy to have them come! Aunt Wendi & cousin Hayden


And Hayden was very excited to hold “baby boy” and give him some love! Wendi says that Hayden talks often of “baby boy”!


Avery’s last visitor he met on his first day was Aunt Stef!


So thankful for my sisters…wish it would have worked to have them all there at the same time to take our “traditional” picture…might have to do some fancy photo-shopping! {see this post here to see the “traditional” picture I’m talking about}


Saturday morning, my Mom, Adelyn, and Aunt Stef came up first thing to get in some more snuggle time with our sweet boy! Later on our room was quickly filled with my family, Aunt Wendi, cousin Hayden, and Grandpa Steve all came to visit!


It was quite interesting keeping two busy toddlers busy in a confined space! Mickey Mouse on my phone worked for a while {until they were fighting over who would hold the phone!}


Since it was the weekend I had a different Dr discharge me. He stopped in and had everyone leave so he could go over a few things. Once he was done with us, we had the green light to go home! Stay tuned for Avery’s going home post!

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