Friday, March 29, 2013

St Patrick’s Day

Sunday March 17th Kyle and Adelyn went to church. Avery and I had a little photo shoot! A friend/co-worker, Melissa, gave Avery the cutest little tie when she brought us supper last week so I had to make sure to get a picture of Avery wearing it! I just can’t get over how he likes like a little old man!

IMG_4617 - Copy

After Adelyn’s afternoon nap our friends/co-workers, Brandon & Brittany stopped over to meet Avery & drop off some treats. Unfortunately their 2 year old, Brody {who Adelyn LOVES}, is allergic to dogs and so he had to stay in the car while mom & dad took turns coming in to say hi & meet Avery. Adelyn was so bummed Bro Bro couldn’t come in to “pway”. But we plan to have a play date at their {dog free} house!


Brandon & Brittany also have another little guy, Brayden who is 10 months old…and looks just like Brody! Adelyn was happy to play with Brayden…but she kept saying “Bro Bro bye bye” in the saddest voice!


Later that evening we had a surprise visit from Kyle’s great Aunt & Uncle. His uncle makes hats, scarves, booties, etc. So they brought a few gifts for both Avery & Adelyn!


And Adelyn had to model her new hat! Work it for the camera girl!

IMG_4637 - Copy

That evening both Kyle & I started to feel very congested, sneezed a lot, coughing followed, etc. No fun & not what 2 tired parents need at all! Kyle had already been fighting something and Dr Wallace gave him a “z pack” while we were in the hospital with Avery, but it came back. One more thing added in the craziness of adjusting to life with 2 kids!


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  2. Love that little green tie and I love how Adelyn is posing with her scarf and hat. Two cute kiddos!!


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