Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Family Lately: Avery 3 weeks

I haven’t had the opportunity to update our ole family blog in over a week. I know everyone says that the 2nd child never has as many pictures, as big of a baby book, etc. I’m trying hard not to let that happen to Avery!

Today Avery is 3 weeks old! I cannot believe he has been here 3 weeks already, but on the other hand, its hard to remember life without him! I will do a full recap of what he’s been up to next week when he turns 1 month old {already?!?!}. But here’s a tidbit! He’s nursing about every 2 1/2 –3 hours during the day and usually up about 2 times at night to eat. The poor guy is gassy. You really have to work with him to get those burps out. And he is spitty, not projectile, but you’re guaranteed to get some spit at each feeding. It’s amazing to see all the differences between him and Adelyn {as a baby}. Don’t you just love a baby double chin?!?!


Kyle was home with us for almost the first two weeks of Avery’s life. It was wonderful! He took the first week off and then only had to work a few days the 2nd week because of spring break at work. Love that we both work at a college with “extra perks”!

Adelyn has adjusted to her baby brother so wonderful! She isn’t overly jealous, just an average 21 month old! She loves Avery and everyday when she gets home she runs right by me {mama is old news!} to Avery and shrieks “baby brother”! And yes she has been going to daycare. I had a hard time with it and plan to do a post about it soon.

Speaking of Adelyn, the girl LOVES to take off her clothes these days. Sometimes she attempts to  put something different on…but not always…see picture below! This is how we found her one night after we put her to bed. Silly girl! And yes we did put her PJs back on…too cold to sleep in the buff! ha!


Stay tuned, I planned to go back and update what we’ve been up to the past three weeks…I’m sure it will be Avery overload!

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  1. I am looking forward to your post on daycare. I plan on keeping Grace in for a couple of weeks so we can get settled with the second without Grace feeling neglected and bored during the day.


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