Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunday = Family Day

While we were at the Hawkeye game on Saturday, Stef & Geoff were rolling into Iowa on their cross country move to Omaha!! We met up with them, Dad, and Grandma for lunch at Applebees.

The bright light from the windows was not helping the picture! Doesn’t Dad look spiffy in his suit?!?!DSC04748 

My sister is CRAZY!!DSC04750 

Ok this one is much better!! I can’t even begin to express how excited I am that they are going to be SO much closer now!!DSC04752  


After lunch I went with Stef & Geoff back to Mom’s to hang out for the afternoon. We had my “birthday supper” that night with Mom, Duane, Dad, Mindi, Preston, Stef, Geoff, Kyle, and me! Since my job is so busy around my birthday we didn’t get to celebrate with my family so Mom made a very nice supper and we chatted the evening away!

Dad & Stef checking out places online in Omaha. They planned to go apartment/house hunting the next few days. DSC04756  


Mom always lets us request our meal. So I said I like it when we grill at Mom’s and so she did! We had cheesy potatoes, squash, scalloped corn, and smoked pork chops!! Mmmm!! AND….oreo ice cream cake for desert!! A classic in our family!!

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  1. What a great birthday celebration you had! You look awesome too Darc and holy cow do you ever look like your dad!
    Love the pics! xo


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