Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Evening w/Cousins!

Friday after work I headed down to Don & Sherawn’s (Elizabeth’s Dad…my cousin) house because my cousin Elizabeth and her husband Adam, and their baby, Ross came down from Minnesota to visit! And it was fun to catch up with Don, Sherawn, and their daughter Jill who has a son, Ethan, that is just 2 weeks older than Ross! I think it’s so neat that the cousins are so close in age! I am sure they will be buddies! I hadn’t seen Ross or Ethan since July and they both have changed a lot!! They are both about 4 months now!

“Grandpa Don” really got Ross to laughing…it was so cute!!DSC04814


He was laughing so hard he could hardly catch his breath!!


Sisters and their boys!! Jill and Ethan on the left & Elizabeth and Ross on the left! Ethan is just 2 weeks older!DSC04822 

Ethan playing with Aunt Elizabeth!!DSC04823 

He is such an alert, happy  little guy!!DSC04824 

This is Emma, Elizabeth’s brother’s little girl. She was SO tired!! She turned 3 on Saturday!!DSC04827 

Ross loved Ethan’s high chair and little farm toy! So much, that Elizabeth said they were going to buy one on the way home!! :)DSC04828 

Ha ha, caught Adam off guard!! He wasn’t too excited to take pictures!!DSC04830 

After supper the boys played games, Jill had to take Ethan home to bed, and I helped Elizabeth give Ross a bath! He loves bath time! I had to snap a few pictures of the little cutie while Elizabeth lotion-ed him up!DSC04831    DSC04835 DSC04836 DSC04837 DSC04838    DSC04843 

Cousins!!! I miss this girl SO much!DSC04845

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