Thursday, October 29, 2009

Play Date for Abby!

Monday after work my friend (and former co-worker), Jill stopped over to say “hi”! She has a 10 month old son Luke who she knew would love Abby! Luke had a dr appointment in town and they came over afterwards! So it worked out perfect. 

It was fun to see Abby with a baby. He wanted to play with her so bad, but still isn’t quite quick enough to keep up. Abby got excited and started running around like a little wild puppy. But I think she really liked Luke! I tried to get a few pictures, but it was hard, they were both moving so fast!!

Little Luke is quite a fast crawler! In fact, he even won a trophy at the fair for being the fastest crawler! He is taking just a few steps, but not quite perfected yet! DSC04924 

Just love those chubby little cheeks!!

DSC04926 DSC04927


I think they’re friends!DSC04933 

Sometimes Abby got running around a little too much and I think it scared Luke!DSC04935 


It was fun to catch up with Jill, see Luke & how much he’s grown & changed since I last saw him, and have him and Abby play together! Maybe now Abby will be a little more adjusted when we (someday!) bring home a little one! :)

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