Monday, October 26, 2009

Out with the old…

In with the NEW!!!DSC04923
Kyle and I stopped at Target for a few things after church and of course I had to check out the clearance end caps. (like I always do on “Target runs”!) And I found a new vacuum! About 2 weeks ago Kyle mentioned it was something we needed to start looking for. We have had our old since before we were married and it was a cheap $60 one from Wal-Mart.  How nice, we didn’t even have to look for it…it practically found us! :)DSC04908  
And it works like a charm! I tested it out right away when we got home. It has all kinds of great specs too!

  • It has multi cyclonic technology that delivers non stop suction for superior cleaning.
  • AireTight HEPA filtration system that traps and seals in all pollen, mold spores, and dust mites to purify the air while you vacuum.
  • It’s the only vacuum that has built in Microban Antimicrobial product protection to fight the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew in the vacuum.
I’m pretty pumped about it!!

think we are going to donate our old vacuum to “Share What you Wear”. It still working condition, so we figure someone could maybe get some use out of it.
Here is some info about the event, coming up VERY soon! Hard to believe October is almost over!
Share What You Wear has been an annual event at Iowa Central since 2004. Last year, the event reached out to nearly 1,000 individuals in need from Fort Dodge and the surrounding area. Participants had the opportunity to select clothing, shoes, coats, toys and household items for themselves and as gifts to be given to loved ones at no cost to them. It is Christmas for some of the people that come. Let me know if you would like to donate to the event. It is definitely a great cause.

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