Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Curtains!

We bought a new curtain rod for our living room bay window about 6-8 months ago and FINALLY got it hung up this weekend! And I found some new curtains at Target that are a much better offset to the wall color. Our old ones were tanish in color and didn't really stand out or pop. Plus these ones were on clearance for only $14.98!! The reason we purchased a new curtain rod is because we still had the ones up from the previous owners and it didn't strech the whole way across the window and plus I wanted to double rod to have a sheer layer underneath! I'm pretty happy with the result...I just need to get rid of our blue pillows in the window and replace them with some more neutral tan ones!

Double rod!

Like em? Kyle's first comment was, "Why do we have pink curatins?" Ha ha! And he thinks I'm color blind!! ;)

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