Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pampered Puppy!

I forgot all about Abby in my previous post about our Valentine weekend! I know...how could I ever forget about Abby!?!?!

Well anyway if you've seen her lately you know that she is just a big ball of fur! She was due for a hair cut in December, but we didn't want to take her 'cause she would just be too cold outside in our horrible Iowa winters.

So we held off as long as we could. She has an appointment with the groomer this coming weekend so I wanted to get her all combed through so it would be easier to cut her hair and so they wouldn't have to shave her. Well while I was combing her I had a bright idea...I should try trimming her myself! So that is just what I did! Now I didn't go too crazy, but she defiantly looks a lot better and is 100% softer!I wish I would've taken a "before" picture...but I didn't so you're just going to have to imagine a much "fluffier" dog!

So Abby got her hair combed, trimmed, and her nails cut on Saturday...it was like a doggie day at the spa for her! :)

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