Monday, January 26, 2009

Long awaited update!

I have to apologize to all of our blog readers...I know it's bee FOREVER!! I promise I will be better about updating our blog!!

Let's see where to start...

We had a nice Christmas. Christmas morning is always with my sisters & Mom. We had it at Mindi's house this year. Jeff, Pam, & Maya joined us again this year. Pam is Duane's daughter...or I guess she would be my step-sister! You can never had too many sister's! :) We had brunch and then opened gifts. Our cousin Dar also joined us for the morning. He lives in Oklahoma and is in the Air Force, so it was good to see him too.

All the girls!

Kyle & Mindi

This is Maya, Pam's daughter. She is 3 now and such a fun, cute little girl! I think she was trying on Geoff's glasses here!
Maya opening her gifts with Grandma Greene's help!

Mom & Duane always give us scratch cards. Unfortunately niether Kyle nor I won. :(
Maya wanted to help Stef!
Sorry Maya...I cut your mouth off!
Cousin Dar

Afterwards we headed north to Britt to Kyle's Aunt & Uncle's house for our extended family Christmas with his Mom's side. They always have a big dinner and then we do a grab bag gift exchange, which always bring lots of laughs! Two of our cousin's have a kids now so it makes the gift opening even more fun! They are about 1.5 now and so cute!

Mom & Dad B @ Dodge's on Christmas Day

This is Caleb, he is our cousin Kristin & Ryan's little cute!

Kyle & I
Kyle & I with Mel & Steve...the newly engaged couple!!

This is Sam, our cousin Tim & Hilary's little boy. He is just like his Dad! He wanted to help Great Grandma DeWall open her gifts!

Caleb & Sam!
Sam & his Aunt Amy reading his new book!

We did our immediate family Christmas on the Bangert side a few days after Christmas. We had pizza for supper...a family favorite! Sharon makes great homemade pizza! And then we headed in the living room for our big gift exchange! It was a really nice evening and we got & gave some great gifts!

Laura & her new book! I am acutally reading this right now, I love their show!

Kyle & his new AC/DC CD! "Back in Black" is his favorite!

Steve & Mel with Mel's new CD!
This is me testing out my new gorilla pod...a great new "toy" for my camera!

Travis...doesn't he look excited about his new shirt!?!?

Kyle & Laura - she made this for him...looks awesome in our "hawkeye basement"!
Dad B & his new vest...looks great!
Mom B & her new camera from all of us kids!
Kyle & his new scooter, stool thing! We like to have races down the driveway at our neighbor's house!

Grandma & Grandpa Dewall, we always like to play cards after we open gifts!

Stef & Geoff went home the weekend after Christmas. They were here for two full weeks. It was great to have them around for so long, but I am sure they were ready to get back to Georgia where it is a tad bit warmer! Wendi was home till the 4th of January. So we kept busy on my week off of work, shopping, working-out, lounging...among other things! I'm always sad to see her go back to school. She will be playing basketball this year. They are currently ranked #2 in the nation, so that is pretty exciting!

We didn't do a whole lot for New Year's. Just went to Mindi & Preston's house for a some movies, which put Mindi & I to sleep. Kyle woke me up and we headed home and were in bed to watch the ball drop and welcome 2009!

New Year's Day brought lots of excitement! It was time for the Hawkeye Bowl game and it was an early one...10am!! The Hawks played great and pulled out a great win, perfect way to end the 2008 season. Kyle watched many other games that day too while Wendi & I did some more "girly" things! :)

Other than that we really haven't been up to a whole lot. Work has been really busy with the spring semester starting. But two weeks into it now it's starting to slow down a bit, which is good! Kyle is looking forward to the super bowl this weekend. I think we are going to root for the Cardinals since Kurt Warner plays for them and is from Iowa!

We hope everyone has a great week!

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