Monday, December 1, 2008

Long Weekend

We went to Poky for Thanksgiving Day this year. We wanted a Des Moines paper to look at all the ad's for "Black Friday", we stopped at about 10 gas stations in three counties on the way to Mom & Dad B's and no one had one! I couldn't believe it. So we had to settle with just the Fort Dodge paper, which was ok. And come to find out (we didn't figure this out till Sunday tho) we had one waiting on our front step, but bought one, not knowing we had one!

It was a nice relaxing day. We had a great dinner with turkey, ham, and all the fixings! The tradition at the Bangert house is to look at the all the ads, make our "wish lists" and plan our shopping expedition for the next day. It's always fun to see what's on a sale and what everyone wants to get. It seems like that stores open earlier and earlier every year. We were at Younkers Friday morning at 4am!! I couldn't believe it! Sorry...I'm jumping ahead!

Kyle had to work on Friday so we left Poky at a good time and Wendi was going to stop over one more time before she left on Friday. It was good to see her, Mom & Dunae came too. They spent Thanksgiving day in Waterloo with Duane's daughter. Sharon & Melanie stayed with us since we were getting up so early to shop, save some drive time in the morning!

Mom B with our Thanksgiving Turkey! She's a GREAT cook!

This was Abby almost all day long...she was always begging for something. I guess we should have taught her better!

Friday we shopped from 4am and didn't get home from Des Moines till after 5pm!! It was a long day, but we got lots accomplished and $aved some too! And when we got home Kyle was there (he worked all day) and wanted to shop a little so him & I went back out to a few stores here in FD!!! I think my favorite buy of the day is the digital picture frame I got from Wal-Mart. I just need to put some pictures together on a memory card and get it going. I've wanted one since last year when I saw Stef & Geoff's and loved it!

Saturday I got our Christmas decorations out and decorated and worked in the house all day. It always puts me in a good mood to have all the Christmas stuff out. I can't believe that it's already December! 2009 will be here before we know it!

Sunday we went to church and did our weekly grocery shopping and a few returns from Friday "buys"! We had lunch with the Bangerts at our all time favorite place...Sports Page, it's a classic! And then we went home and Kyle took a nap and I read the book "Twilight" (Wendi & my friend, Kim, got me started on this series)! I finished it in the early evening and couldn't wait till Monday to get the 2nd, "New Moon", one from Kim so I went to the bookstore and bought it and got a good start! You just can't put it down...they're so good!

Vikings won and Orgeon State lost, so it was a good weekend sports wise. We needed Oregon State to lose for the Hawkeyes to make a better bowl game! We're hoping for the Outback Bowl in Tampa! We'll find out Sunday!!

Here is a pic we snapped over the long weekend, in between our Christmas pictures! Thanks again Wendi for taking them! I hope to finish our cards and get them in the mail to you all this week!

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