Monday, December 22, 2008

Sisters & Snow Day!

Friday (the 19th) Iowa Central closed because there was a snow storm (we got 8+ inches during the night!) so that means I got the day off work, which was AWESOME! So all us girls & Geoff decided to go to Ames to hang out for the day. We ate at Hickory Park for lunch, went shopping, and sang Christmas carols the whole way home! It is so fun to have all of us together again! Stef & I had the idea to stop at Mom's house on the way home to "Christmas Carol"! So we did and she loved it...she even cried! But those of you who know my Mom, you know she's a "crier"! So we expected it! It was fun!

Geoff had the idea at lunch to see what a dill pickle would taste like with sugar on it...

In it goes...

Not good! (I could've told him that!)

Since it was close to Stef's bday, she got free dessert!

Wendi & Mindi trying to feed each other their dessert!

Geoff cracks me up...he carried around this giant tub of cheese balls all around Sam's Club and then decided he didn't want to buy them! (I like his "Country Boy" sweatshirt!)

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