Monday, November 10, 2008


The Hawkeyes did it....we beat Penn State, the #3 team in the nation!! It was an amazing game!! To be honest I really wasn't excited about the game at all. It was going to be COLD & I didn't have a good feeling about how we were going to play (I know that sounds horrible!). But it was a great game and we came out on a last second field goal!!

Kyle and I didn't have to leave as early because the game didn't start till 2:30. So that was kinda nice not to get up at 4am!! We got to Iowa City in record time! So we did a little shopping and headed to the tailgate parking lot just in time....after us they were only going to let 5 more cars in!! We tailgated for a while, warmed up in the car, and then headed to the stadium! I kept saying that it wasn't that bad (cold-wise) and Kyle thought I was nuts...he was freezing!! Towards the end of the game though it didn't even bother us because it was so exciting!! Great day to be a Hawkeye!!

Sara & I tailgating! She's due in about 3.5 months!
We went into the game early and went down close to field and took a few pictures!
Sara & I all bundled up!

After the game...the fans stormed the field!! You couldn't even see the field anymore!!
This is the what is played when the Hawkeyes are coming out....gets me pumped everytime!! And "Back in Black" by AC/DC is now one of Kyle's favorite songs!!

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