Monday, November 17, 2008

Iowa vs. Purdue

We got up extra early for the game for multiple reasons: 1) Younkers opened early and we wanted to shop before we went to tailgate! 2) We didn't know how full the parking lot would be after the Hawks' huge win last weekend. 3) The weather wasn't the best. And it was a good thing we left early, Kyle couldn't drive his usual lighening speed...every bridge we went over, we fish-tailed! Kinda scary! But we made it there in one piece, had time to shop, and got our parking spot for tailgating! And it was a great day....we won!!! Here's a recap of the game:

One week after the Hawkeyes defeated Penn State on a last second field goal, Purdue failed to beat the us on a last second Hail Mary and boy was I nervous that one of those Purdue guys was going to catch that pass. But the 22-17 win over Purdue did not come easy and it was not too pretty.

Since we have won 4 of our last 5 games we have a good chance of heading to Tampa for the Outback Bowl! We would love to be able to be somewhere warm for New Years! To get there though the Hawks have to beat Minnesota next weekend in the Metrodome and we will be there cheering them on! Can't wait to see our cousin Libby too!!

Oh and for the record, Kyle wore his homemade Hawkeye velcro shoes and got lots of great comments on them!! And he even said they were comfortable!!

We finally made a Hawkeye fleece blanket! Kept us nice & warm at the game!
I took this while we were waiting in line to pay for our tailgating spot. Notice how the flag poles are tilted so was WINDY!
Tailgating!! Erica, Conley, Vahn, Sara, & MeSara & I before we went to our seats! So sad that it's the last home game of the year.
Me & Kyle
Notice the band on the scoreboard, they spelled out "HAWKS"!

Captains - Some of the best IA players!
Shonn Greene after his 75 yard touch down run!

This picture is for my Mom. She always "happens" to call us on Saturday mornings when we're either tailgating or on our way. She said we were nuts to be out in the cold and I told her that we had tents with sides and fires to keep us warm. And she said "how do you put up a tent on asphalt?" So I took this picture on the walk back to our tailgate spot after the game to show her that we are kind of in the woods while we tailgate! Notice the line of cars to get out!

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