Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a nice weekend, except that the Hawkeyes lost. :(

Kyle had to work Saturday morning until 2pm. It was state cross country this weekend here in Fort Dodge and it is the busiest day of the year for Wendys.

So while Kyle was working I was busy getting ready for our first 'Hawkeye Tailgate Party' in the garage! I made strawberry pretzel salad (which I forgot to get out of the fridge), double batch of chocolate chip cookies, rice krispie log, nacho cheese dip, and chili. It was a busy morning, but acutally went really well and I even had time to run a few errands.

(sorry didn't take any sad) We weren't sure if we would have many people come to the party because we didn't start planning it till about 2-3 days before. But we acutally had quite a few people come, about 15 or so. Not everyone was a Hawkeye fan, including my sister Mindi who wore her "Iowa State" shirt, but I think everyone still had a good time visiting, playing bago, and watching the game. Too bad the Hawks couldn't pull out a win.

Once everyone left Kyle & I got the garage cleaned up and put back together and hit the hay early, not realizing really how early it was because of day light savings time. I felt like an old married couple!!

Sunday we were lazy for a while, read the paper and watched some TV. Then we worked in our upstairs bathroom. Needed some new caulk. So we tore out all the hold stuff and Kyle re-caulked it. Now we are just wating for it to dry and then I need to scrub the tub good and it will look like a new tub/shower! I took a few pictures, I know it's not too exciting, but I think the new caulk looks so much better! Hope everyone has a good week!

Kyle working on digging out all the old caulk.

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