Monday, November 24, 2008

Iowa vs. Minnesota

Saturday we headed to the Iowa Hawkeye game at Minnesota. It was the last regular season game this year and so of course since it was so close we couldn't miss it! And boy was it a great game...Hawks won 55-0!!!!!! Nice way to end the season!

We went to Poky to drop off Abby at Kyle's parents house (Thanks for watching her Mom & Dad B....and Travis too!) And since we were in the area we wanted to stop and show off all our Iowa gear to Grandma & Grandpa DeWall. They were quite excited to see Kyle's shoes too! I don't get what all the hype is!?!? When we went back out to our car there was about 2-3 inches of snow on it! It was coming down fast & hard and it was SUPER windy! So we decided we better get on the road just in case we have to take it slow (it's a rare occassion for Kyle to drive slow!). We got past Humboldt and there wasn't a sight of that was good!

We stopped at the Medford Outlet Mall on the way up for a little shopping. Didn't really get too much, wasn't in the shopping mood (it's a rare occassion for me NOT to be in a shopping mood!). There were a TON of Iowa fans on I-35 on the way was fun honking & waving the whole way there!

When we got to Minneaplis we stopped at a friend's house (he comes down to all the IA games) who was having a tailgate party and said hi to everyone, got our tickets, and then decided to head downtown to figure out where things were and meet up with Libby.

We met Libby & her bf, Adam, at Applebees downtown for a late lunch/early supper and a few drinks! It was SSSOOO great to catch up with them and hear all the exciting news going on in their lives! Libby and I grew up together and we have always been close....when we go for a while without seeing eachother, when we do see eachother it's like we haven't even missed a beat! So good to see them...hope to see them around Christmas time!!

Kyle, Abby & I with Grandpa & Grandma DeWall

I bet Minnesota "welcomed" a TON of IA fans that day!!

Kyle & I at Applebees

Adam & Libby....luv u guys!!

Twin Cousins!! (or so we always thought when we were younger!)

The Hawks taking over the last time!

Giant flag for the National Anthem
This is Don (my friend Sara's Dad) saying, "That's another Hawkeye" and then everyone else shouted "First Down! Notice Kyle on the side of the picture yelling!!
If you look close you can see "Flyod of Rosedale" the trophey for the winning team! And it's staying in Iowa City...once again!

I took this picture for Stefanie & Geoff. This kid was sitting next to me and I thought he had a striking resemblance to Geoff (my brother-in-law). What do you guys think?
Check out that score!!
If you look closely you can see that there cops on BIG horses! This was right downtown about 2 blocks away from the dome! I waved and they didn't wave back...I don't think they were too amused with us Iowa fans!!

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