Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm Baaack!


Is this thing on??

Well almost 2 years later I'm FINALLY deciding to get back to blogging! We have some exciting changes coming up for our family {more on that later} and want to make sure I get back to having a "journal"! Also I attended a blogging conference right here in my hometown last weekend that reminded me how much I enjoy blogging!

If you're still here, drop a comment and let me know! More to come :)


  1. Happy to see you pop up in my feed! My poor blog has been neglected for the past several months, but I try and post once or twice a month and follow a few blogs still as well.

  2. Hey!! i just saw your posts! I'm so excited your blogging again! I always loved reading your posts. I already loved reading your meal plans, I'm always in need of new ideas. :)

    I'm planning on blogging a bit more now too, we'll see!!

  3. glad to see I'm not the only person who took like a 2 year hiatus and then popped back up in the blogging world. New name and new blog and all! haha! I've missed blogging as well. Instagram and facebook just aren't the same! :)


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