Monday, May 5, 2014

March Randomness

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One Saturday afternoon Avery kept going over to Adelyn’s doll highchair and trying to climb on it so I decided to see if he fit. Adelyn was pretty excited ‘cause she had her own real life doll to feed!
This was Avery’s response when I asked him if he wanted more…such a sweet boy!
Adelyn was sharing her pasta with Avery, such a good big sissy!
Who needs matching PJs?!? ha!
We had a Sunday afternoon play date with our friends Chris & Sarah. Their kids are about the same ages as Adelyn & Avery and they always have a good time!
March 13th was first real nice day of 2014 and we couldn’t wait to get outside and play & swing!
I’ve mentioned before, but Avery loves to play in the bathroom. Mostly he loves to find mama’s stash of tampons and carry them around! Silly boy!
Kyle usually works one evening a week. Those evenings we will usually go for supper so the kids can see Daddy since he usually gets home after they are in bed. Avery is always very entertained with all the people while we are there, always a good time!
The kids enjoyed their toys from our good friends Mark & Kathy. They recently went on a cruise to Mexico and were very sweet to bring back some gifts for us!
Adelyn loves to play “catch”, but you have to sit with your feet together and she usually ends up rolling the ball! Avery even got in on the fun this time! Love hearing my kiddos giggle with their Daddy!
Grandpa Steve was on babysitting duty one weekend when Wendi & Hayden were back. Avery was already in bed when we left for the evening, but I think Adelyn & Hayden kept him on his toes! Ha!

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