Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Update

Hello all! Well if you look to the right and see how many posts I had in August compared to September I think you could quickly see I haven't had the time I did when I was on maternity leave! Ok so now I'll bring you guys up to speed!

The week after Labor I worked three 1/2 days, just to ease back into it! Leaving Adelyn those first few days was a piece of cake because my Mom came up to our house to watch her. The next week is another story....

That weekend our wonderful friends, Mark & Jenna got married. Kyle & I both had the honor to stand up with them on their big day. It was a perfect weekend!!

Aunt Stef came over from Omaha to watch Adelyn for us on Saturday while we were busy with the wedding festivities. Thanks Aunt Stef!! Speaking of my sister Stef, her and Geoff found out their having a baby GIRL!!!! We are so excited for them. And I know her and Adelyn are going to be best buds growing up!!

The week following Mark & Jenna's wedding was my first full week back to work. Leaving Adelyn at daycare was one of the hardest things I've had to do. Not that we aren't happy with the daycare, we've had a great experience so far, but I just hate being away from her 10+ hours/day. Being back at work full time has been a definite adjustment. I feel like the days and weeks are just flying by and Adelyn is growing by the minute. I just want it all to slow down!!

I've learned that things I used to think were important, such as dusting, vacumming, etc, aren't so much anymore. I'd rather spend my time with my sweet baby girl in the evenings after work! I mean who wouldn't want to spend their time with this sweet girl! Doesn't she look SO big in this picture?!?!

(this picture is from almost 3 weeks ago and I feel like she's already changed in that short amount of time!)

Ok, back to the update! This cute little boy ,AKA our nephew Hayden, turned 1 on September 12th! Hard to believe he's already a year old!!
We dedicated Adelyn on September 18th! The majority of both of our families got to be there for the special day!

On the 21st of September Adelyn turned 3 months old! These past 3 months have been amazing, but also they have flown by!!

We've also been keeping busy with trips to Iowa City for some Hawkeye football and still have quite a few more games this fall! I'm excited for this weekend though, we have no plans and just hope to enjoy a nice fall weekend at home with our family!

I will do more detailed posts on all these happenings, but I wanted to at least let everyone know that I'm still alive & kickin', just getting adjusted to being a working Mom! :)

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  1. oh my goodness thank you for the update! I was really missing them!! Enjoy the weekend my friend!!!


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