Friday, September 2, 2011

Adelyn’s Newborn Pictures

June 21st, 2011 is a day we will never forget. That is the day we were blessed with you, our baby girl. You came into our lives and blessed us beyond belief. You have turned us into to parents and made us fall in love in a whole new way. _JD09164_edited-2

To think that God gave you to us to love and raise makes us so happy. We feel so grateful to be your Mommy & Daddy. You have made us a family of three and for right now that feels just right. _JD09176_edited-2

Adelyn, I loved you when you were growing in my tummy for 9 months, but I had no idea how much more I could love you once you made your arrival. I have dreamed about having a daughter for years and years. Adelyn you are a dream come true and I love you more than words can describe._JD09210_edited-2

You have turned the man I love in your Daddy. He is completely smitten over you. Watching you and Daddy together melts my heart. And because of you, Adelyn, Daddy & I have a whole new love for each other. _JD09216_edited-2

Not only do your Daddy & I love you to pieces, there are many other people in your life that treasure you as well. You  have Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, cousins (one is on the way!), and friends who love you so much. You are a blessed little girl._JD09240_edited-2

When you were growing in my tummy Daddy & I prayed all the time that you would be a healthy, happy baby. We thank God everyday that he listened to our prayers and blessed us with a just that. You are a healthy growing little girl with a smile that would melt anyone’s heart. _JD09394_edited-3

Over these past 2+months we have loved seeing you grow and change. You have already given us so much love and laughter and pure joy. Hearing your coo’s & little noises will turn any frown into a smile!_JD09399

Waking up every morning and seeing your sweet smiling face is just how Daddy & I like to start the day. You are always extra happy in the mornings, so much so that you will even take a little break from eating to flash Momma a smile! _JD09301_edited-2

Over these past 10+ weeks I have been so blessed to spend every single day with you. I have loved every minute of being home with you. Soon you will be going to daycare while Daddy & I are at work. I am not excited about, no one will take care and love you like I do. But I know you will be in good hands and you will make friends!  _JD09415_edited-2

The first time I felt these little feet in my tummy it brought tears to my eyes, but now we are so blessed to be able to see, hold, and kiss these little feet everyday! One day these tiny toes & feet will be running all around, but for today Daddy & I will enjoy you at this stage._JD09437_edited-2

I love to dress you up in all things girly, complete with ruffles, ribbons, and bows! Some say this is drive you to be a tomboy and if that is the case I will love you just the same! You don’t seem to mind bows and flowers in your hair one bit, so for now I will continue with all the frills! Surprisingly, Daddy doesn’t seem to mind all these girly things, I think its because you have him wrapped around your little finger!_JD09470

Adelyn you have made your Daddy and me a family of three. We love you more than words can describe and feel completely blessed that God has entrusted us with your precious life. _JD09494

Love, Mommy <3


  1. June 16th?? That's when Pearson was born.....

    Precious pictures!!

  2. Beautiful pictures of your little girl.

  3. Such beautiful photos! The last one looks like an ad for Pottery Barn!!!

  4. Ok Darci...I am missing baby girl updates!!!!

  5. Where did you get her name for the wall at?

  6. Where did you get her name for the wall at?


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