Friday, June 24, 2011

Hayden 9 Months

Our little nephew is 9 months old this month! Just seems like this was yesterday…DSC08544

And now he’s this big boy! He loves to crawl all over the place. He is constantly making noise, no specific words yet, but he knows how to use his voice! He will walk while you hold his hands, but not on his own yet. I’m sure it won’t be long till he’s walking all over the place. p10886ta104592_1_0

He LOVES to clap. When you sing “clap your hands all you people shout unto God with a voice of praise…” he will just clap & clap & clap! He will also wave hi or bye. p10886ta104592_7_0

Hayden had his 9 month check up a few days ago and he was 23.8lbs & 31in. He’s in the 91st percentile for weight and 99th for height! I think he’s going to be one tall boy!  p10886ta104592_15_0

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