Monday, June 6, 2011

dear daughter…

To our baby girl,

To say we are excited to meet you is an understatement. Only ten days till your scheduled arrival date. Just like you have been hearing from Mommy & Daddy lately, we would not object to you coming early!DSC3410edited-2-L

The doctors are saying you are healthy little girl, estimating your weight over 8 1/2 pounds. Each week we visit the doctor’s office we love hearing that “thump…thump…thump” of your little heart beating inside Mommy’s tummy. DSC3436edited-1-L

We have prayed & dreamed about you since the day we found out you were growing in my tummy. You have been so good to Mommy these past 38 weeks and we pray that continues when you decide to enter this big world. Mommy loves feeling you wiggle and move in her tummy all throughout the day. DSC3321edited-1-L

When you found out you were a little girl it brought tears of joy to our eyes! Of course we would have been happy if you were a boy, but God knew Mommy had dreamed about you for years. Your room is all ready for you, complete with all things pink! We had so much fun getting it ready and cannot wait for you to come and make our home complete. DSC3384edited-1-L

Just because you are a girl doesn’t mean we can’t go play in the dirt or participate in sports. We cannot wait to spend our Saturdays as a family in Iowa City cheering on our favorite team, the Iowa Hawkeyes.DSC3350-L

Daddy loves pretty much any sport and will teach you anything you want to know! DSC3471edited-2-L

We cannot wait for that first time when we get to see your sweet face and cute little feet for the first time. We are longing for that moment to hold you in our arms. We are very excited to be your Mommy & Daddy. We know we won’t be perfect parents, but we plan to do our best to raise you to love others, your family, and, more importantly God.DSC3452edited-2-L

You have so many people that are so excited to meet you. Mommy & Daddy already love you more than you will every know. You are our gift sent from above!DSC3340edited-2-L

All our love,

Mommy & Daddy


  1. Just beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye! Can't wait to meet her...

  2. Your pictures are beautiful!! Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet girl!


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