Wednesday, March 23, 2011

27 weeks

27 weeks - 3.23.11

How Far Along: 27 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby Bangert is the size of an eggplant!

Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity jeans and pants but everything else is regular.  Things are getting tighter though!

Gender: It’s a girl!!!

Movement: My Doctor told me I should feel her at least 10 times before 1pm…I don’t think that is a problem!! BIG NEWS: Kyle finally got to feel her kick on Saturday!! It was such a sweet moment, we were watching a movie and after he felt her kick he left his hand there the rest of the movie just waiting to feel her again!

Sleep: Not too bad, I get up a few times throughout the night to go to the bathroom. I guess it’s preparing me for a newborn!

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, a bigger selection of clothes, and being able to go up & down stairs without getting winded!

Cravings: I don't have specific cravings. I just like to eat! ;) I don’t think ice cream counts, I love that anytime!

Symptoms: Really can’t complain! Feeling well for the most part, just stiff/achy by the end of the the day.

Best Moment this week: Kyle feeling her kick and making progress on the nursery!

I had my glucose test yesterday and they said no news is good news. So my fingers are crossed, I haven’t heard from the Dr. yet, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign!

In case you missed it click here to check out the progress in the nursery!

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