Monday, January 10, 2011


I thought I would take some time to answer the multitude of questions I’ve been getting about my pregnancy!

  • Are you going to find out the sex? YES!!! January 25th is our ultrasound!
    • The next question we get is “Don’t you want it to be a surprise?” Our response is that we’re going to be surprised 4 months early! ;) Come on people, I’m a planner!!
  • Have you had morning sickness? None, which I am SSSOOO thankful for! :)
  • Any weird food cravings yet? Nothing really. I eat a lot of Mexican, but I think that’s pretty normal! ;)
  • When is your due date? June 16, 2011
  • Do you have any names picked out? Nothing set in stone yet. We have a few favorites, but will probably narrow those down once we find out what we’re having!
  • Are you working out while pregnant? To be honest, I haven’t very much lately. And cancelling our gym membership to save $$ doesn’t help with that! I plan to do things at home, for example, I’ve found a few different specific pregnancy work out videos on You Tube that I want to try and I have a plethora of work out videos to do.
  • Nursery plans? Oh yes!! Kyle & I got a great start when we were off over Christmas break, but I’ll save that for another post!

So far I really enjoy being pregnant & I hope that feeling continues! It’s hard to believe I’m almost half way, Thursday I will be 18 weeks!

16 weeks, 1/3/1116 weeks - 1.3.11

Usually Monday nights I spend solo, but because of the weather Kyle’s classes were cancelled! So I’m off to enjoy some extra time with my main man! Later peeps!

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