Friday, January 14, 2011

Clean, Organize, Purge!

For some reason at the beginning of the year I always get the urge to de-clutter my house. Over the busy-ness of the holidays and traveling the basement became the catch all (like many times throughout the year!). I decided I had had enough! It was about 8pm on a Friday night, after a 6 day BUSY work week, I headed down to the cluttered mess and got busy!


Now that things are at least back in their “place” I want to go through every nook & cranny & purge what we don’t need!

BEFOREDSC09684AFTER DSC09690The boxes on the right are garage sale items I want to price before storing so they are ready to go for our annual May sale. I’m hoping to double quadruple the size of this pile! ;)



This is our storage room. When I got Christmas all toted back up, Kyle hauled it downstairs for me, but we never got it put back on the shelves. Much better, just need to get ready of a tote or two 5!




My craft area is on the opposite wall of the storage shelves. This area needs a major overhaul! I have WAY too much stuff, it’s almost over whelming when I go down to work on a project. But at least now I can get to my craft table! ;)


So it’s not perfect and not where it needs to be yet, but it’s an important start. And I must say I’m quite proud that I got all this done in just a couple hours on a Friday night! Usually by 10pm I’m cashed out on the couch! Hopefully this means I’ve entered the “energy” stage of pregnancy!

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