Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

I hope everyone was able to enjoy Labor Day…and have minimal amounts of labor! ;)

After lunch on Sunday my Mom came to town to bring me down to her house...on her motorcycle! We have family in town this weekend and Kyle was going to spend the day doing homework. She lives in Dayton [my home stomping grounds] and there are always lots of festivities Labor Day weekend...rodeo, parade, carnavil, etc!DSC08341   DSC08344 

Like my sun burn from the game yesterday? Not only do I have an outline from my sunglasses, but I also have one from my Hawkeye tattoo!DSC08345

When we got down to the rodeo I ran into my jr high BFF, Tawny! We had a great time catching up quick!! [hi tawny!!!]DSC08348

The Dayton Rodeo!!DSC08349

We got good seats and then decided on food. My sister Stefanie went for the tenderloin!DSC08350 DSC08351 

It started to rain...coats work just as good as umbrellas...right Wendi?!?! (PS still no baby yet!)DSC08353

It started to rain...coats work just as good as umbrellas...right Wendi?!?! (PS still no baby yet!)DSC08354

Rodeo time!! DSC08355

No rodeo is complete w/o a clown!DSC08359   DSC08362

The one armed bandit! He got those 2 bison and the mule to get up there, all with 1 arm!!DSC08371

Bull riding is always exciting! I'm always so worried for those guys!!DSC08372

Monday morning we got ready and all headed a few blocks down for the 10am parade!DSC08391

No Iowa parade is complete without fire engines…DSC08378

Local school organizations…DSC08380 DSC08403DSC08404

Horses…DSC08381 DSC08382 DSC08384

Farm equipment…DSC08400DSC08405


Ronald liked my Grandma!DSC08408   DSC08396DSC08390

Even the big kids got up to pick up candy!! [so did I!]DSC08393

Abby even got to enjoy the day with everyone!DSC08415

After the parade we all headed back to my Mom’s for lunch! We had an awesome spread!DSC08418

After lunch everyone headed out for a bike ride!DSC08426

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