Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hayden’s Week in the NICU

Tuesday morning I stopped my office to do a few things knowing I would be out of the office a while and then helped Wendi get discharged from the hospital and we headed down to the hospital first thing. Hayden was hungry & needed his Momma! :)

We got to the hospital and made it up to the NICU with Hayden. He ate really well first thing. Momma Wendi was happy to be with her boy again!
I feel like there is always something do to with Hayden! Making sure he eats at the right time, doing his checks every 4 hours, diapers, and helping Wendi w/other things! We're staying pretty busy! :)
In the afternoon we took a short drive to the Ronald McDonald House to line up a room.
The doctors are saying very positive things about Hayden, which is great! He is eating well and his respirations are closer to where they need to be.

Hayden is doing so well, but still has some progress to make! This little guy isn't even 2 days old and I already love him to pieces!!!
Wednesday I was in the NICU again with my sister, Wendi, and nephew, Hayden. If you missed any of the posts you can catch up on what I’ve been up to this week.

We had to say “good morning” to Hayden! Just melts my heart!DSC08615

Grandma loving on her very first Grandson!!DSC08614

Cannot get enough of this lil guy!!DSC08618

We had some great news this morning…Hayden was strong enough to have his oxygen taken off!! He looks even cuter without it!DSC08626

Every 4 hours Hayden has to have an assessment and Wendi gets to help! He’s always a good little patient, so tough!DSC08622

Thursday I worked 1/2 day and then headed back down to the NICU to be with Wendi & Hayden. I couldn't pass up a $0.59 Kum & Go fountain pop for the road trip.

I couldn't wait to see Hayden again! He was getting pretty jaundice so he had to wear his shades...
and work on his "tan"!

My Dad & Grandma also came down Thursday evening to see Hayden & Wendi. We went to the mall foodcourt for a change of pace! Wendi was excited for some Chipotle!

Hayden was a little more fussy Friday. But I think it is because he was circumcised Thursday night. (I'd be fussy too!) Get this though, he didn't even cry when they did the procedure! He's such a tough guy!

He is doing so well though. His blood sugar levels are good so they were able to remove his IV fluids. They just need to get his jaundice under control! He has no more oxygen, no more antibiotics, no more IV, just need to get rid of that light & we'll be good to go! :) Thank you God for answered prayers!
All 3 of us were able to nap late morning into the early afternoon, so by the time Wendi fed Hayden, got him settled in again under the light, and pumped we realized it was going to be a late lunch! More like lupper!

Saturday Hayden’s levels weren’t low enough to take the photo light therapy off so we knew were there till at least Sunday. He did well though and we made sure to keep him under the lights as much as possible! Hayden did get a few visitors on Saturday. Wendi’s friends Heidi & Kelsey came to visit!

Sunday came Hayden’s billy levels were low enough for us to go home!

The decorations I made for Hayden’s door!DSC08659 DSC08660

Wendi got to help, for the first time, give Hayden a sponge bath Saturday night!DSC08666

Finally getting some cuddle time with Hayden! The photo light therapy was turned off at 7:30pm Saturday!DSC08680

Sunday morning we said good bye to the NICU at Mercy. We were happy to leave, but very thankful for the great care that Hayden received. DSC08682

Ready to go home!!!DSC08688 DSC08694

Hayden did really well on the hour car ride home. My Mom, Step Dad, Kyle, 2 sisters & their husbands all greeted us when we got home!

Happy 1 week to my sweet nephew, Hayden!DSC08692

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  1. What a beautiful photo journal...and a beautiful baby, of course! I'm sure he's not spoiled AT ALL, is he Aunt Darci??? Congrats to your family on such a blessing!


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