Friday, May 4, 2012


Before I get into Adelyn’s favorite game, I wanted to share a little about me and our family. Today I linked up with a blog, Kelly’s Korner and her “Want to make some new friends?” post.

I’m Darci, my husband is Kyle, and our 10 month old daughter is Adelyn. Kyle and I have been married for 7 years (this July). We live in central Iowa within about 30 minutes of each of the towns we grew up in. We love Jesus, family, and the Hawkeyes! Would love to know more about you and see where you blog! Feel free to comment!dsc01632edited-3-XL


Adelyn loves to squat down by an end table or the coffee table and then…


…pop back up for peek-a-boo!


Sometimes we even catch her doing by herself!IMG_1776

Such a funny little girl and so cute!





Too often I’m always behind the camera and not with Adelyn. So after church we had to get a few with Mommy!



Daddy is content staying behind the camera though…or Adelyn!IMG_1802


  1. Her little game is so cute. Chloe likes to play peek-a-boo too but it's just with a blanket. I've caught it on tape, and need to post it on my blog. Such pretty girls, mommy and daughter.

  2. Great to "meet" you through Kelly! Yeah for the midwesterners! :)

  3. Your daughter is so sweet, what great pictures! I live in Iowa too--what a small world!

  4. Love her cute little dress! She's so lucky her mama has style.
    Great family pic, I wanna see the rest!!
    I spotted her Hawkeye chair ;)!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful! I don't know why I didn't notice your blog before on Kelly's Korner, but just found you by linking from the comment you made on my blog. :) We are HUGE Hawkeye fans as well and my husband grew up in Central Iowa...he graduated from Colo-NESCO highschool. Are you still living in Central Iowa?

  6. Hey Jennie - Love finding fellow IA bloggers...and a fellow hawkeye fan...hooray!!! :) Yes we're still living in central IA, born & raised :) Oh and we played Colo Nesco is sports in high school...they were always WAY better than us! ;)


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