Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Backyard Play Date

The Saturday before Mother’s Day my sister, Wendi, and I had a garage sale. It always feels so good to get rid of stuff! We actually had a really good sale and made almost $600 combined!

After the garage sale some friends stopped by and we had an impromptu play date!


Our friends, Brandon & Brittany, have a little boy, Brody, who is 6 months older than Adelyn and 3 months younger than Hayden. It was fun to watch the 2 boys play together!IMG_1949

Brandon & Brittany are expecting their 2nd boy the end of this month!IMG_1950

Brody & Adelyn loved to play on the slide that Grandma & Grandpa Green brought up a few weeks ago. It was so cute to watch Brody, he would sit down a ways back from the slide and have to scoot to the edge before he’d go down the slide!



Adelyn cheered him on!


Cute kiddos!



Thanks for stopping by Brandon, Brittany, & Brody! We can’t wait to meet your newest little one!


  1. I love impromptu play dates. And that's wonderful that you had so much success at your garage sale!

  2. Wow!! $600!!! That's awesome!

  3. your pictures are adorable!!


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