Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Park Fun

A local elementary park is only 2 blocks from our house. We have spent MANY afternoons/evenings this summer at the park! If we let her, Adelyn would go everyday! Kyle and I get off work at 4 instead of 5 in the summers and that hour makes such a huge difference!
At the beginning of the summer Adelyn wasn’t too interested in swinging, but now she has discovered the joy of swinging and LOVES it! I think it helps that she found one at the park where her feet touch the ground. Daddy also lowered the swing on our swing set at home too.
Avery is a good sport, usually, when we go to the park. Most of the time, he will just nap in the stroller. Even when he isn’t napping he is usually fairly content. I think the boy just loves the outdoors!
And of course the slide is a hit with this little girl as well! Pretty sure she goes down the slides 132 times each time we visit the park! I love watching her enjoy all the fun the park has to offer! Mommy & Daddy even join her in the fun!
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Adelyn has also discovered the rock climbing walls at the playground. She does really well, but it sure does make this mama nervous!!
Most recently we haven’t been able to enjoy the park as much because it’s been 90+ degree (even in the evenings when we get home). Hopefully the temps even out and we can enjoy our afternoons at the park before summer is gone.

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  1. We haven't tried the big kid swing with Hudson yet. She looks so grown up on it!


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