Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cousins Weekend

The weekend before New Years Stef, Lily, and Hayden came to visit. Our cousin Djuana from Wisconsin came down. We all hung out at my cousin Don & Sherawn’s house Saturday evening. IMG_4140

We all made a pot of soup and had more than enough to eat! It was fun to see all the kiddos sitting at the bar, so grown up!


After supper we took advantage of having the girls together to get a picture of them in another set of their matching Christmas PJs. Getting a picture of these 2 busy girls isn’t easy these days…



This is about the best we could get! Not sure what is up with Adelyn & her tongue!


The boys wanted in the picture too!


“Mama said don’t take your socks off…I had another idea!” Silly Lily!


Stef, Lily, & Hayden spent the night at our house that night. Lily didn’t sleep so well and us adults stayed up way too late, so Stef & I stayed home from church and took it easy with the kiddos.



Another opportunity to get a picture of the girls in their matching Christmas dresses…again Adelyn with the tongue, silly girl!


Hayden wanted to take a picture too. I thought it was so cute how he put his arm around Adelyn!


We tried to get Lily in the picture…but didn’t have a lot of luck. ha!


Adelyn had to show cousin Hayden all the fun games she plays on Mommy’s phone!


Lily says, “Look guys, I have a phone too…!”


“…but Aunt Darci’s look much more fun!”


We headed up to see Grampo for lunch at his apartment. It was a little “busy” with 3 kiddos, but I think Grampo & all his friends enjoyed the “extras” at lunch. Hayden had to help Grampo un-wrap his Christmas present.


After lunch at Grampo’s, Stef & the kids hit the road and we had quiet afternoon at home.

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