Thursday, November 11, 2010

Iowa Hawks vs Michigan State Spartans

I felt like the game was a complete repeat of the WI game, 2:30 start and we ate at the Vine again! Good plan though! :)

Afterwards we made the trek back to the stadium, ready to cheer on the Hawks! We played the #5 ranked team, Michigan State.DSC09231

Since it was so close to Halloween, Herky (our mascot) wore a costume!DSC09230

He wasn’t the only one though, check out these people, they were teeth, a toothbrush, & toothpaste!DSC09225

Bumble bee!DSC09227

Spiderman & look, even Waldo!DSC09233

Kyle’s favorite, a whoopie cushion! lolDSC09237

Anyone know who this guy is? He kinda makes me laugh!DSC09241

Ok back to the game! ;) Our team came out fighting, half time the score was 30-0!!!DSC09232

We ended up winning 37-6! A great win, over a highly ranked team, and especially good after our bummer loss last week!DSC09243

After the game Kyle and I made the trip home. On the way we stopped for supper, Subway!

t’s so much more fun to drive home after a win, compared to last week’s game! We got home and I crashed! Felt great!

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