Friday, March 5, 2010

Play Date Thursday

Last night our friend/neighbor Mel has us over for supper! She has two little boys, Diego who is 3 and Mateo will be 2 in July. Mel made some delicious enchiladas for supper and we enjoyed the rest of our evening playing with the boys! 

There are one of Mateo’s favorites…or maybe just because they were new! ;)DSC06293 

Diego had fun going between Kyle & I on his “motorcycle”…that’s what it calls it anyway! :)DSC06294    

We wanted a picture with both boys, but they both wouldn’t sit still long enough! So we just got one with each of them!DSC06300 


Is Mateo not the cutest or what?!?! Love those big brown eyes!DSC06309  

Teo loves his Mommy!!DSC06312 

Diego & Kyle had fun playing with the “diggers”…once again in the words of Diego!! :)DSC06313

It was a fun night and I’m sure there will be many more to come since they only live 9 houses away!! Mel, thanks again for supper and the leftovers!! :)

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